Welcome to Hands Career School

The school was established to assist Adults get into a healthcare career and is committed to providing quality education that meets students interests, abilities, It also committed to meeting the needs of students within a common framework, reflects and promotes understanding of, appreciation for diversity in our community.  Our goal is to provide basic and fundamental skills/knowledge needed in healthcare profession. It has been in existence since 2007.  The Director/Owner is a Nurse Practitioner with over twenty years of experience in healthcare.  She has worked in long term care since 1991, as LPN and RN,  currently working as a Nurse Practitioner since 2002; Her teaching experience include  Adjunct Instructor at Delaware State University in the Nursing Department and has been the Primary instructor for school since 2007 when the school was established. The Administrator is Kingsley O. Chuks with broad knowledge in business and management.  Other staff team members are Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and well experienced Secretary with excellent student services and administrative experience.   Some of our instructors have worked as staff nurses, ADON and DON in different nursing homes. The school has successfully graduated many students who are gainfully employed in many healthcare settings and others are currently pursuing high education in healthcare careers since its inception. The school in approved and licensed by Delaware Board of Education and Accredited by Delaware Division of Long Term Care and Resident Protection.



Considering the shortage of health care providers in the country, the school expects students to work at the highest level of which they are capable. The school challenges students to develop intellectual independence, creativity and sense of responsibility towards other which is the key principal practice in healthcare. The school believes that providing quality education is enhanced in a secure, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and this is what our facility provides.  Hands Career School is small permitting students and faculty to know one another, individual attention to students and one-one interaction when needed. Student work individually, in small groups and as whole class to enhance learning. The school embraces diversity and value integrity of each individuals and as such differences in religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture gender identity are acknowledged and respected at all times

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hands Career School is to prepare and motivate students to pursue entry into the world of work, professional programs or further education through a rigorous specialized curriculum, and field-based experiences inspiring students to be lifelong learners, and socially responsible adults serving society with compassion, skill, and vision. The School has been preparing students with the academic and clinical skills needed to successfully enter the world of work or continue their education at the college level. The Hands Career School is the most comprehensive and affordable in Kent County, and it is the school of choice for a diverse student body. Students have five programs from which to choose. In addition, the school has Evening, Day and weekend classes to accommodate workers who are interested in Career change. The training provides students with the knowledge, practical experience and skills necessary to provide quality patient care. Student must complete the program and successfully pass the certification examination to secure meaningful employment.


Hands Career School  firmly believe a well-organized, integrated program of technical and academic instruction will equip graduates with the skills necessary to compete in an evolving global environment as valued employees, contributing citizens and productive members of society. Therefore, school goals include maintaining a safe, positive learning environment, assure all students are able to understand and apply basic principles of science in healthcare field at State competency levels; develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and prepare students for the rigors of post-secondary education. Other goals of our school are to instill a true sense of pride in individual accomplishment and passion for life-long learning, to advance our students’ development into responsible, independent self-reliant and productive members of society, to instill enduring social skills that embrace the ability to work with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and to provide students the tools to adapt and apply expanding technologies  and assist students develop the necessary skills to provide adequate care and assist other healthcare teams dedicated to improving the quality of life for clients under their care. In addition, apply federal, state laws, statutes and agency policies in their roles/functions as healthcare team members. Our aim is to help students to develop effective judgment communication skills, interpersonal skills and other necessary skill required for providing good health care independently as much as possible.



Hands Career School is located at 230 North Union Street, Suite A, Smyrna, Delaware. There are five lecture rooms, one clinical laboratory room; the lab/skills rooms are equipped with hospital beds, practice mannequin, wheelchairs, bedside commode, weighing scales, etc. Clinical trainings are conducted at different nursing, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities in Delaware. During externship training, students will perform hands-on care to residents assigned to them. This is done under direct supervision of the Instructors.


School Hours:

8:00 am – 1:30 pm      Monday Through Thursday

4:30 pm – 10:00 pm    Monday Through Thursday

2 clinical days are held on Saturdays