About Us

About Us

The school was established to assist adults get into a healthcare career.  Our goal is to provide basic and fundamental skills/knowledge needed in the nursing profession. It has been in existence since 2007.  The director/owner is a Nurse Practitioner with over twenty years of experience in nursing.  She has worked in long term care since 1991, as LPN and RN,   has been a Nurse Practitioner since 2002; worked at Delaware State University as Adjunct Instructor for some nursing courses.  Has been the Primary instructor since 2007 when the school was established. The Administrator is Kingsley O. Chuks who has broad knowledge in business and management.  Other staff team members are Registered Nurses. Licensed Practical Nurses and well experienced secretary with good computer, typing and other clerical skills.   Some of our instructors have worked as staff nurses, ADON and DON in different nursing homes. The school has graduated 147 since its inception and most of the graduates have completed higher levels of education in nursing, others are still pursuing their academic careers in nursing while some of our graduates are gainfully employed at different facilities as CNAs. The school in approved and licensed by Delaware Board of Education and accredited by Delaware Division of Long Term Care and Resident Protection.


Considering the shortage of health care providers in the country, we believe in educating people to recognize the fact that caring for individuals involve providing the necessary cares to include physical being mind and body regardless of race sex, color or believe. Providing individuals with necessary skills and principles needed to improve quality of life in people using efficient and safe methods is our philosophy.

Mission Statement:
The training provides students with the knowledge, practical experience and skills necessary to provide quality patient care as Nursing Assistants. The company provides this training at an affordable price, under a comfortable and appropriate learning environment. Student must complete the program successfully pass the state will receive assistance in securing meaningful employment. At the end of the training, students are expected to be able to perform basic nursing skills, effectively perform personal care skills and recognize the psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the patients. They are expected to demonstrate appropriate attitudes in nursing care, exhibit ethical and legal behavior, and behaviors that maintain the rights of the clients. Other expectations of students include proper application of principles of infection control; acquire the proper knowledge and skills to respond to emergencies.

The goals of the training program include providing Nursing Assistants with capability of providing care to clients in various healthcare settings, assisting secure good job upon completion of program and assisting them develop the necessary skills to provide adequate care and assist other healthcare teams dedicated to improving the quality of life for clients under their care and assist other healthcare teams dedicated to improving the quality of life for clients under their care. In addition, apply federal, state laws, statutes and agency policies in their roles/functions as healthcare team members. Our aim is to help students to develop effective judgment communication skills, interpersonal skills and other necessary skill required for providing good health care independently as much as possible. Through the training necessary information and skills needed to perform effectively as a nursing assistant would be learned and practiced in any health care facility where the learned skills are needed.


Facility Location:
Hands Health Services is located at 230 North Union Street, Suite A, Smyrna, Delaware. There are two lecture rooms, one clinical laboratory room; the lab/skills rooms are equipped with hospital beds, practice mannequin, wheelchairs, bedside commode, weighing scales, etc. Clinical training will be conducted at Silver Lake Nursing Home in Dover and Country Rest Home in Greenwood. During this time, students will perform hands-on care to residents assigned to them. This will be done under direct supervision of the Instructors. Under no condition will student be allowed to provide care to any resident without the instructor.


CNA Program Schedules & Time
                                                    Day Class Schedule

Classroom/Lab:                8:00am – 1:30 pm             Monday through Thursday
Duration:                             4 Weeks
Clinical Hours:                  7:00am – 3:30pm              Monday through Friday
Duration:                             2 Weeks

                                                   Evening Class Schedule:

Classroom/Lab:                4:00pm – 9:30pm             Monday through Thursday
Duration:                             4 Weeks                              
Clinical Hours:
                  3:00pm – 11:30pm           Monday through Friday
Duration:                             2 Weeks


Uniform:                             Navy Blue Top, White Pants and Shoes

*Clinical Site Hours: Varies  depending on availability